Polka Dot Magic Blend Potion 4G’s


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Polka Dot Blend Potion

Polka Dot Blend Potion 4G’s One of the oldest and trusted natural medications(Polkadot MAGIC BLEND POTION) in the world, it has great health benefits of haling gummy bears ease depression and stimulate brain cell growth.

It also increase focus and brightens the senses. Dot Gummies dwarfs the exceptions with 4 grams of mind-blowing psilocybin gummies.


Pink Star

Guava Cream

Limoncello Spritz

Sour Martinelli

Orange Creamsicle

Mango Sorbet

Blue Cotton Candy

Frozen Grape

Cherry Kiwi Limeade

Dragonfruit Lemonade

Creme De Menthe

Passion Fruit Guava

Lychee Sour Fizz


Intended for both intermediate and beginner users, these delicious fruit-flavored gummy bears allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits that psilocybin has to offer through a consistent micro dosing formula.

Polka Dot Magic Blend Potion 4G’s


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